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Want to try something different or just stuck for an idea to entertain the troops?

In Shropshire, you can always try some of these:-

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Shropshire Gardens - A serious gardeners delight with 20 National Collections (including English Roses, Clematis, Campanula, Aralia and Tulips) and nearly 20 Plantsmen's Gardens.

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Shropshire is one of the least crowded and most peaceful areas of England. Now one of the few remaining rural idylls, it has a long history of wild border conflicts which have left a legacy of atmospheric hillforts, earthworks and castles.

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Shropshire's shops are many and varied, with shops that other places let go of years ago. We advise you to padlock the piggy bank, cancel the credit cards and sew up your trouser pockets before you let temptation rip.

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Scotland may have invented the ancient game of golf. But it's in Shropshire, arguably, that the game can be played at its best.

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Members of the Midland Gliding Club first flew from the Long Mynd in 1934. It is not only one of the longest established gliding clubs in the UK but also one of Britain's prime gliding sites.

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Shropshire is superb walking country with over 3,500 miles of rights of way underfoot.

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The most peaceful way to enjoy the least crowded county of England is up, up, up on a horse.

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Cycling is one of the very best ways to soak up the Shropshire countryside and the county has developed a network of routes.

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What better way to cast your eye over our fair county of Shropshire than to pass the time by sitting on one of our watery banks anticipating the bite of a fish?

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Canal Breaks

For those who wish to take to the water rather than just look at it, you can hire a narrowboat for a day or the week. Even Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart have recently cruised our canals.

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