Shropshire Abbeys & Priories

Shropshire has collected a few abbeys and priories over the centuries, most now sadly left as haunting ruins. However, all of them have been preserved and are accessible to the public.

Buildwas AbbeyBuildwas Abbey

Buildwas abbey is located along the banks of the river Severn, about 2 miles west of Ironbridge.

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Haughmond AbbeyHaughmond Abbey Shropshire

Haughmond Abbey, which is sometimes referred to as the Abbey of St John the Evangelist, is located only four miles outside of Shrewsbury.

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Lilleshall Abbey

Lilleshall Abbey is the remains of a twelfth and thirteenth-century medieval monastry. The remains of the church and other large domestic buildings can still be seen.

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Much Wenlock PrioryMuch Wenlock Priory Shropshire

The spectacular ruins of Much Wenlock Priory are from the 12th century church that belonged to the Cluniac monastry.

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Shrewsbury AbbeyShrewsbury Abbey Shropshire

When people think of Shrewsbury Abbey, they think of Brother Cadfael. The Chronicles, written by Ellis Peters are inspired by medieval Shrewsbury.

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Whiteladies Priory

Built on the grounds of a medieval nunnery, it was to White Ladies Priory that Charles II then a Prince was first taken, after fleeing from Worcester.

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