Nick Owen

TV Presenter - Nick Owen

My grandfather was a bank manager in Shrewsbury, my father grew up there and I spent eleven years of my childhood at school in the town. I regard Shropshire as an important and much loved part of my heritage.

There are so many places to pick out. I relish the atmosphere and mystique of Shrewsbury and BridgnorthBeautiful towns with so many interesting corners, gathered alongside the majestic waters of the River Severn. Then there's the towering presence of the castle at Ludlow that dominates the town and the countryside around. And I must make special mention of that enchanting community of Much Wenlock.

But my passion is the Shropshire landscape. Especially those blue remembered hills, as the poet A. E. Housman fondly and longingly described them in his collection of poems, A Shropshire Lad. I strongly recommend a trip along Wenlock Edge or across the Long Mynd, with stunning views across the county lowlands, interrupted by the Wrekin rising up in splendid isolation as if by some devine afterthought.

The north of the county is equally attractive but quite different with its network ofcanals and fabulous mere's created during the last ice age.

Both of my father's parents are buried at Ellesmere. Particularly special in this part of Shropshire are the Gardens - a real plantsman's paradise.

Oswestry in the North-West, where my grandfather was born, has very strong Welsh connections and the Welsh accent is always present. The Hill Fort at Oswestry is one of the most impressive in the area and well worth a visit.

I have only skimmed the surface here of this fascinating county-there's plenty more to see and enjoy, such as the cradle of Industrial Revolution at Ironbridge or the old Roman site at Wroxeter, once one of the biggest cities in Britain, now a collection of intriguing ruins in a field. What stories they could tell!!

I do hope that you can make the most of your visit and enjoy this charming and stimulating county.