Harrison Ford Remembers Shropshire

In an interview in the Sunday Times on 19th March, Harrison Ford reminisces about his time in Shropshire.

It was the summer of 2004 when Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart were spotted taking a narrow-boat holiday in Shropshire along the Llangollen Canal.

In the Sunday Times interview, Harrison Ford commented on his narrow boat canal trip and said, "It was just the four of us - me, Calista, Liam and the Nanny. I found it relaxing and fun and the rest of the family loved it. You can see the English countryside in a way you can't when you're speeding down the M1".

His time in Shropshire and on the Llangollen Canal has obviously left a lasting impression on the 61 year old film star and clearly they enjoyed their visit. We think that you may too.

North Shropshire has some 50 tranquil miles of canal that cut gently through the Shropshire countryside on their way to Llangollen, skirting our sandstone hills with a series of lift bridges, staircase locks and spectacular aqueducts.

Afterall, cruising along the Canal at a leisurely four miles an hour will not only help you to relax and de-stress but will give you the ideal opportunity to discover Shropshire at its very best.

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