Trails around Shropshire

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"High the vanes of Shrewsbury gleam

Islanded in Severn stream"

A Shropshire Lad, A.E. Housman

The River Severn loops around Shrewsbury, protecting the town.

Had you been a medieval visitor to Shrewsbury, perhaps a pilgrim to the bones of St Winifred at the Abbey, you would have found the only land entrance to the town guarded by the castle.

Fortunately, access to Shropshire's county town is much easier today.

You might know of Shrewsbury as the setting for Ellis Peters' Brother Cadfael novels. But did you know that Charles Darwin, the man who gave us the theory of evolution, was born here in 1809? Or that Wilfred Owen, one of the greatest poets of the First World War, lived here?

The town itself is full of surprises. Don't forget to explore the 'shuts' - many of Shrewsbury's shops are tucked away in these narrow passages between the half-timbered Tudor buildings. Take a guided walking tour of the town to make sure you don't miss anything.

Within easy reach of Shrewsbury you'll find a constantly changing landscape: historic bridges, the winding River Severn, a limestone escarpment, ancient market towns and hidden villages.

Setting out from Shrewsbury you can take an afternoon's drive from Wenlock Edge back to Shrewsbury for amazing views and surprising finds. For a longer day, travel back through history from eighteenth century Attingham Park, through the Romans at Wroxeter to the Iron Age hill fort of The Wrekin.