Welcome to Surprising Shropshire

Despite being the nicest of England's quiet counties it may come as a surprise that many people still don't know where Shropshire is, let alone what makes it so ideal for a short break away from the stresses of modern life, or indeed perfect for a day's escape into the countryside.

Dealing with the geography bit first - Shropshire sits very comfortably on the English Welsh border, a short drive from almost anywhere you will have heard of. (The map may help give a few pointers).

The real surprise is, of course, what Shropshire has to offer, so here is just a taster. In the Medieval town of Shrewsbury you can marvel at the black and white buildings and at the same time take advantage of the fact that Shrewsbury has far more than its fair share of independent and unusual shops.

In Ironbridge - birthplace of the Industrial Revolution and one of two World Heritage Sites that bless the county - you will find, set within the gorgeous Severn Valley, 10 hands on museums that will both enlighten and entertain.

Ludlow is not just beautiful it's delicious! Shropshire's gastronomic capital sits within the famous Blue Remembered Hills of the south of the county and is a great place to find your inner foodie.

Much Wenlock, whose local games actually inspired the creation of the modern Olympics, offers an Olympic trail to explain this momentous achievement. Whilst the meres and canals of north Shropshire gives a gentle, more contemplative experience within a truly rural setting.

Along with the most interesting and diverting places to visit, Shropshire has some of the very best B&Bs, award-winning hotels and superb self-catering accommodation all run by friendly folk. Give them a call they would be delighted to hear from you.

Perhaps the best surprise of all is that Shropshire is still so unspoilt. 

Get wrapped up in Shropshire